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Sunday, July 29, 2012

In this post I am going to talk about some of my favorite sci fi and animation films. The first of the films that come to mind as my all time favorites would be the Star Wars series. Star Wars to me was not just about the sci fi genere which I have always had an interest in. The films featured fantastic visions of future technology as well as cutting edge revolutionary cinematic techniques.
More recently, I viewed a video titled Appleseed Ex-Machina, the film is in the Japanese animation genere and is presented in stunning cg. The film produced by Japanese producer Shinji Aramaki is a must see for fans of sci fi and anime. Another film I really enjoyed was Tron, a remake of the classic which was released back in 1982 starring Jeff Bridges who is also featured as a main character in the remake. The cg effects blended with real life in 3d is pure eye candy.
My short list would not be complete if I didn't mention Avatar. Great 3d, the story had a lot of substance to it and the visuals were spectacular. 
Next I will comment on the Transfomer series. Unfortunately, my eager anticipation was met with disapointment. In the last edition, the special fx were quite impressive but many of the action seens were overdone and the plot was clumsy. Its seemed the action and explosions were strewn throughout a weakly written plot. I found myself doing what I never do at the movies ie, snooze. Any excuse to excite and dazzle without much thought.
Finally a film that at first I had some reservations about seeing was Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman. The story is about an ex-down and out boxer who owns a robot which looked like it was ready for the junk heap manages to enter a big time robot fight match. The story is about the classic underdog who makes it big and overcomes insurmountable odds to achieve greatness and quirky notoriety. This film to me was quite simply put, the direct antithesis of Transformers.

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