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Monday, June 6, 2016

My experience with Manga Studio

First before I begin this post, some news about the popular drawing software Manga Studio. It is now also called Clip Studio Paint Pro. I am not sure why the name change, however, it appears that the features haven't changed from the former.
I have now been using Manga Studio  for about 8 months and it has been a very valuable tool for my illustration and manga drawings. I used to use Photoshop exclusively for my drawings but found that ps has many limitations. I still use ps for some of my rendering work, however, Manga Studio is now my primary tool of choice. One of the key features that I really appreciate and use regularily is the drawing stabilization tool. During the years which I relied on photoshop, I often wished for a way to make my lines smooth and neat without the wobbly uneveness which gives a drawing that amatueristic look. Manga Studio has solved this problem for me. Another nice feature is the ability to fill a border that isn't quite closed by setting certain gap tolerances, try doing that with photoshop. With all that said, I still find that photoshop still has it's usefullness, ie, the ability to render and create very nice highlights and shadow effect. As a matter of fact, I will often do my drawings and inking in Manga Studio and import the completed drawing into ps and finish the rendering there. Another key feature of Manga Studio is the ability to easily set up page frames for manga comic creation.
Well thats all I have for now.
I have attached a link to a great video tutorial for Manga Studio (now Clip Studio Paint Pro). It is very easy to understand, I have viewed the series many times to get familiarized with this great application. I believe you too can get some valuable insight here.
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Manga Studio tutorial

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Here's a link to figure drawing site I use regularily to practice manga and keep my drawing skills polished. It is interactive, you can change the angles of the poses.